7 types of experiences to try in Colombo

Colombo being the current Capitol of Sri Lanka, it is located on the west coast of the Island. While it attracts a huge number of tourists, we thought why not give you a small compilation of places to visit while in Colombo to make it worthwhile.


1. Landscapes

One does not simply talk about Colombo without talking about Galle Face Green, Viharamahadevi Park and the beaches which offer a broad range of goods and services to the community. I can remember going to Galle Face Green since ever. The smell of the beach, Isso Wade, flying a kite, long walks and good times. All irreplaceable. Checking these places out should be I your list if you haven’t done so.


2. The Fun places

Colombo knows how to have fun. (Kind of boring to the average outgoing fun person) You could visit the National Museum of Colombo to have a look at the old artifacts placed in. The Colombo Planetarium which will soon be upgraded with the installation of a Digital full dome projector to project the universe as a 3D space.

Recently built Mahinda Rajapakse Nelum Pokuna, a performance theater which is in a world class state meant for large scale theatrical productions is also included in this list along with Colombo Harbor. The Port of Colombo being the largest and the busiest port in Sri Lanka as well as in South Asia; and you get to check it out. How cool is that?


3. Vesak

Well, vesak isn’t a place actually. It is the Birthday of Gautama Buddha according to the lunisolar calendars. And checking out Colombo in its all glory in this time of the year should be in anyone’s check list. Especially the ‘Vesak Kalapaya’ (Vesak Zone) and the Gangaramaya Lake aka Beira Lake.


4. Public Transportation

Where do you want to go? Places. Which places? All of them. In a bus or a train, of course. 😛 J Well hello, it is Sri Lanka and you ought to try out the public transportation system. Pettah would be the idea place for this since the Fort Train station and Bus station situate there.  It will be busy, it will be messy. And believe me, you will enjoy it and remember it.


5. Worships

Sri Lanka is known for its multicultural society, living in peace and harmony with one another.  These are the some of the many religious institutions in Colombo. These places hold architectural values as well as sacred intentions which no one should intend to break. I’ll just make a list.

  • Gangaramaya Temple
  • Ali Dena Temple in Dematagoda
  • Kelani Rajamaha Viharaya
  • Bellanwila Temple
  • Kotte Rajamaha Viharaya
  • St Anthony’s Church in Jampettah Street
  • St Mary’s Church, Mattakuliya
  • St Paul’s Church, Milagiriya
  • Holy Rosery Church, Slave Island
  • Kadiresan Kovil, Bambalapitiya
  • Sri Kailasanathar Swamy Dewashthanam in Fort
  • Dewatagaha Mosque
  • Red Stripe Mosque in Fort
  • Memon Hanafi Mosque
  • Grand Mosque in Messenger Street


6. R. Premadasa International Cricket Stadium

Also known as the Kettarama Stadium is one of the main venues for Cricket in Sri Lanka and can hold up to 53000 spectators at a time. Watching the Lankan team playing on the field and the crowd go crazy, amazing feeling. Unless like the Western and European countries, we have ardent diehard fans.


7. Night Life

Now now. Don’t be judgmental. We at Sri Lanka especially in Colombo know how to party and spend some quality time at night.  Casa, Kama, Floor by O, Shore by O, Sky Lounge, OZO, W lounge and many more. Want to dance, meet up for a drink, you name it. Colombo has got it.



Do let me know on comments if I’ve missed any spots which you may think we could add to this list and share away.

7 types of experiences to try in Colombo

Justice League assemble under one roof.

Fan of Superhero comics or any sort of comics? If not, we got it covered. Most of the TV series buffs would know this, San Diego Comic Con is the largest Comic Convention which usually happens in the summer, in California State.

This year, Batman, Flash and Green Arrow (Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen and Oliver Queen in order) will be making appearance in the convention itself as the Premier of CW’s The Flash will take place and a sneak peak of CW’s Arrow will be shown; whereas Fox’s Gotham will be premiered at the DC Entertainment Night later this year. This would be the first time where members of Justice League will come under one roof.

In another note, NBC’s Constantine will be premiering as well at this Comic Con, which is a TV adaptation of the movie ‘Constantine’ featuring Keanu Reeves. But the show is going to be truer to the comic series than the movie.

This 4 day long lasting Comic Con 2014 is supposed to begin on 24th of July. Cast members along with all crew members of the mentioned shows will be in attendance. True fans wouldn’t want to miss a thing.

Have something to add? Share it on the comment box.

Justice League assemble under one roof.

Juan Zuniga who fouled, defended Neymar

Professional footballers feign injury. Reason is yet unknown. But it has reached truly an epidemic proportion. But this Neymar incident is no feign injury.

After being rushed to the hospital in a stretcher for a broken vertebra while in the #BRA vs #COL match, Brazilian player Neymar was called off from the rest of the World Cup matches in 2014 by the Team Doctor Rodrigo. Coach Luiz says that Neymar has been and was being ‘hunted’ for the last 3 matches.

Juan Zuniga who challenged Neymar in the 87th minute, says ‘I was just defending my shirt’ and this contact was not intentional. Defending the shirt is more likely referring to a payback for the Colombian loss; especially for thumping Rodriguez.

Nevertheless, Neymar is seriously injured but won’t be needing a Surgery. He also conveys his regrets for not being able to play in the Semis for Brazil. Brazilian fans were seen outside the Hospital where Neymar is currently admitted. Some were even furious because no Yellow Card was given to Zuniga.

Have a look at the video where Zuniga challenges Neymar.

Juan Zuniga who fouled, defended Neymar

My Top 15 Android Apps.

Over the past few months, I’ve been called the “Social Media Whore”. Which actually, I like. Well, there’s a reason behind it. I take these Social Media stuff very seriously. And as a geek, I keep up with SM and some Apps on my Android device.

At the moment, I’ve Samsung Galaxy S2 with a Custom ROM. (CM10.2 – Nightly) So, below is the App list and why I like them.

1. Facebook for Android.
Some might say it sucks and lags and all. But I still prefer it over any other Facebook client on Android. It’s sleek and very Facebook-ish for me, where I don’t get that feeling in other clients. With the correct Data carrier and with the suitable phone, It works like a charm.

2. Twitter for Android.
It might not be the best client out there, but it’s still the official App. Well personally, I like the UI. A lot. Even though It lacks some features, like ‘muting’, It works. But at times it gets delayed to receive notifications.

3. Foursquare.
If you travel a lot, you may find this App useful. To find new venues, to check-in and to know who is near by. Giving it a try won’t hurt, right? As you earn points for using it, you’ll be able to edit, create and approve venues.

4. GetGlue.
To be in touch with your favorite TV shows, Movies and other kind of entertainment stuff, this is the App to look into. Know who’s watching what. Keep updated. And shout to the world about what you’re watching.

5. Gmail.
After the very recent update, this App became one of my favorite Apps. Clean Interface and easy to handle. Not to mention the ‘New Priority Inbox’ feature, which some might find very useful.


6. WhatsApp.
Duh! Who doesn’t love WhatsApp? Of course you’ve to pay a fee of 0.99$ per year after the expiration, to continue the service. But let me make it clear to you that It really is worth it. It was missing the ‘touch to talk’ feature and the latest update fixed it. Nothing much to say about it, It’s a simply amazing App.

7. Instagram.
Who knows me, they’ll tell you. I’m an avid Instagrammer. I love to take pictures/selfies of me and upload them to IG. 2 years back this App was introduced to Android, and It’s used by Millions of Android users, worldwide.

8. MX Player Premium.
MX Player is considered as the one of the most used and Top Video players available on Google Play Store for Android. It auto decodes and Plays videos for which the Default Video player doesn’t provide codecs. Almost every kind of Video types are recognized by this Player.

9. N7 Player Premium.
While we’re on the talks of Players, N7 is the Audio Player I use. It’s reliable and the UI is quite different from other available Music Players.


10. SwiftKey Premium.

This App is the BOMB. I shall be forever in debt to the Developer who made this App. The best Keyboard App available on the Market. AutoCorrect is pretty much accurate and Swype/Flow is available too. Saved me more than 100,000+ keystrokes. I recommend this App.

11. CyanDelta.
If you’re an AOSP based ROM fan like me (CyanogenMod), this is for you. You don’t have to download the whole updated ROM(about 200 MBs) from the site. It downloads the required updates(mostly 20 MBs) and creates a Flashable .zip ROM file. Easy, right? Made my life easier since I am on a Nightly ROM.


12. ROM Manager.
Provides you some Free and Premium ROMs and makes them Flashing, easier. Only use this App if you’ve rooted your device and are on CWM. Might brick your device if not handled with care.

13. Root Explorer.
Allows you do explore the root files of the Phone. System files will be allowed to access and re-write. I mostly use this to Port local Unicode fonts and extract system files.

14. My Data Manager.
To monitor your Mobile Data and WiFi usage. You can add a Data plan and if you exceed it, the App will notify you. You even can monitor your Data consumption by each App.


15. WordPress.
A WordPress bloggers dream come true App this is. Sleek UI and almost accessible to all the options provided by WordPress Desktop site. Manage your comments and approve them or disapprove them. You can even Post new posts.

My Top 15 Android Apps.

How to look Good.


Okay, first of all, I am no expert. Just expressing my views. And I am only going to focus on Men’s.

I have seen some dudes out there who have wore whatever they found in their cupboard or in their brothers, which irritates me to the core. :/ Why look like a Godaya when you can look charming and appealing? O.o Think about it.

Starting off with the face. Do you even wash your face bro? Washing it with water will do no harm. Use a Face wash or a cream if you are bit on the dark complexion side.  Have a nice hair cut. Go with a hair cut which suits you rather than going with a famous or celebrity hair cut. If you have Unibrows, shape it up if you want to. ( or Don’t if have awesome Unibrows like mine =P ) And beard, keep it trimmed. Works like a charm all the time. Shaved look will also be good if you look mature enough.

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, so take this advice and hit the gym maybe…. What you say? It doesn’t matter even if the workout aren’t getting you satisfying results. Just go there for being fit and to be in shape. Eventually you will get great results for your patience and all. Just try it yo! Having Pecs, Abs and Biceps have their own advantages. Girls die for that. Don’t overdo it because no one wants you bed ridden. You get the point, right?

So, moving on. Clothing and Accessories. What’s up with you all? O.O Don’t you ever watch fTv or even read a fashion magazine or whatever? Okay, ignore the fTv part. But you have to have a decent sense of clothing at least. Those skinny leg Jeans don’t do the magic all the time. And body fit t-shirts…. Urrrghhh… 😡  Get some good looking Jeans or Denims or whatever you call ‘em. Wearing some Cotton Trousers sometimes won’t hurt you either. And man, grab some classy shirts man. And of course 2 or 3 good looking tees.

Where do you even find these Bata or DSI rubber slippers now a days? Those days are long gone. Try out Pata, Wave or the Arugambays. Now don’t ask me what are those. It’s a good thing that we get to see many youngsters now with shoes. Those Canvas ranges are cheap and long going. Sports shoes , Decks and casual shoes will also do the trick. And yeah of course, get some good looking official shoes too. Wear them out. You will gain confidence. You are what, what you wear. 😀

And please don’t accessorize yourself with too many items. A casual wrist watch alone itself will look great. And I beg you, Don’t ever ever ever wear sunglasses inside a Bus.! Yes, you heard that correct. I have seen some, and I end up laughing my ass off at that site.

Practice good English. It turns ON hell tons of girls around you. You never know, you will have a great story to tell you kids about ‘how you met their mother’. Smile often will you please? It won’t cost you a dime. Very now then, SUIT UP!

And there are a lot more, you just have to figure it out by yourself. Good luck.



How to look Good.

My Nokia N8’s Review.

This is my Review on Nokia N8 which I got back in late 2011 from @nokia_connects as a Trial Device. This review went online on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 in this very same wordpress blog which is now redesigned. Back in those days i didnt have a decent Camera, so used my N900.

The reviews are as it were. no changes have been made.


As I got my Trail Device from Nokia on 11th August 2011, I started to fill it with all the apps needed and started using it as my Primary Phone. I also Updated the FW to Symbian Anna 022.014. Keeping my Nokia N900 aside and switching Maemo to Symbian was a little bit hard, but I managed it. After Using the Nokia N8 for 2 weeks, I am posting today this post.

The Unboxing Video,

Camera wise, best camera phone ever. The Symbian Anna update also provided a free Camera UI update and I also installed the newest version available on NokiaBetaLabs.com Now Nokia N8 can record videos at 30 fps. Great Color combination with easy to access tools.
Take a look by yourself,

Web Browser rocks in N8. The easy access Menu is one heck of a cool thing. Pinch to zoom (in / out), switchable windows. But sometimes the browser lags at displaying Flash Objects. The Default browser on Nokia N8 scored 113 out of 450 points at html5test.com while Opera Mini browser scored 310 out of 450 points.

Music Player is so awesome. The way it shows the Albums, smooth scrolling and Decent Sound Quality are some of the good side. Nothing in the bad side for me. The same applies for the Video Player as it can play most of the common and used codec.

Split Screen Portrait QWERTY Keyboard is one of the most ever wanted / wanting feature for me in my Nokia N900. Fortunately for me, the Symbian Anna update bought my hands some delight. Used it with SWYPE installed for both portrait and landscape modes. Felt a lot more better.


and some extra insights,

  • No wonder why it was Nokia’s Camera/Flagship device back then. camera was extraordinary. the capability of taking pictures at night with low lights, just amazed me.
  • The feel or the grip you may say, it felt good. solid in hands. those metal finish.
  • Audio quality was quite decent.
  • I was able to flash it with the leaked Symbian Anna CF back then.
  • Flash contents worked well with the stock browser.
  • Even though Symbian was getting out dated, still many were using it for the reliability.
  • Split Screen Keyboard wasn’t there in the Official Stock FW.


My Nokia N8’s Review.