My Nokia N8’s Review.

This is my Review on Nokia N8 which I got back in late 2011 from @nokia_connects as a Trial Device. This review went online on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 in this very same wordpress blog which is now redesigned. Back in those days i didnt have a decent Camera, so used my N900.

The reviews are as it were. no changes have been made.


As I got my Trail Device from Nokia on 11th August 2011, I started to fill it with all the apps needed and started using it as my Primary Phone. I also Updated the FW to Symbian Anna 022.014. Keeping my Nokia N900 aside and switching Maemo to Symbian was a little bit hard, but I managed it. After Using the Nokia N8 for 2 weeks, I am posting today this post.

The Unboxing Video,

Camera wise, best camera phone ever. The Symbian Anna update also provided a free Camera UI update and I also installed the newest version available on Now Nokia N8 can record videos at 30 fps. Great Color combination with easy to access tools.
Take a look by yourself,

Web Browser rocks in N8. The easy access Menu is one heck of a cool thing. Pinch to zoom (in / out), switchable windows. But sometimes the browser lags at displaying Flash Objects. The Default browser on Nokia N8 scored 113 out of 450 points at while Opera Mini browser scored 310 out of 450 points.

Music Player is so awesome. The way it shows the Albums, smooth scrolling and Decent Sound Quality are some of the good side. Nothing in the bad side for me. The same applies for the Video Player as it can play most of the common and used codec.

Split Screen Portrait QWERTY Keyboard is one of the most ever wanted / wanting feature for me in my Nokia N900. Fortunately for me, the Symbian Anna update bought my hands some delight. Used it with SWYPE installed for both portrait and landscape modes. Felt a lot more better.


and some extra insights,

  • No wonder why it was Nokia’s Camera/Flagship device back then. camera was extraordinary. the capability of taking pictures at night with low lights, just amazed me.
  • The feel or the grip you may say, it felt good. solid in hands. those metal finish.
  • Audio quality was quite decent.
  • I was able to flash it with the leaked Symbian Anna CF back then.
  • Flash contents worked well with the stock browser.
  • Even though Symbian was getting out dated, still many were using it for the reliability.
  • Split Screen Keyboard wasn’t there in the Official Stock FW.


My Nokia N8’s Review.

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