How to look Good.


Okay, first of all, I am no expert. Just expressing my views. And I am only going to focus on Men’s.

I have seen some dudes out there who have wore whatever they found in their cupboard or in their brothers, which irritates me to the core. :/ Why look like a Godaya when you can look charming and appealing? O.o Think about it.

Starting off with the face. Do you even wash your face bro? Washing it with water will do no harm. Use a Face wash or a cream if you are bit on the dark complexion side.  Have a nice hair cut. Go with a hair cut which suits you rather than going with a famous or celebrity hair cut. If you have Unibrows, shape it up if you want to. ( or Don’t if have awesome Unibrows like mine =P ) And beard, keep it trimmed. Works like a charm all the time. Shaved look will also be good if you look mature enough.

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, so take this advice and hit the gym maybe…. What you say? It doesn’t matter even if the workout aren’t getting you satisfying results. Just go there for being fit and to be in shape. Eventually you will get great results for your patience and all. Just try it yo! Having Pecs, Abs and Biceps have their own advantages. Girls die for that. Don’t overdo it because no one wants you bed ridden. You get the point, right?

So, moving on. Clothing and Accessories. What’s up with you all? O.O Don’t you ever watch fTv or even read a fashion magazine or whatever? Okay, ignore the fTv part. But you have to have a decent sense of clothing at least. Those skinny leg Jeans don’t do the magic all the time. And body fit t-shirts…. Urrrghhh… 😡  Get some good looking Jeans or Denims or whatever you call ‘em. Wearing some Cotton Trousers sometimes won’t hurt you either. And man, grab some classy shirts man. And of course 2 or 3 good looking tees.

Where do you even find these Bata or DSI rubber slippers now a days? Those days are long gone. Try out Pata, Wave or the Arugambays. Now don’t ask me what are those. It’s a good thing that we get to see many youngsters now with shoes. Those Canvas ranges are cheap and long going. Sports shoes , Decks and casual shoes will also do the trick. And yeah of course, get some good looking official shoes too. Wear them out. You will gain confidence. You are what, what you wear. 😀

And please don’t accessorize yourself with too many items. A casual wrist watch alone itself will look great. And I beg you, Don’t ever ever ever wear sunglasses inside a Bus.! Yes, you heard that correct. I have seen some, and I end up laughing my ass off at that site.

Practice good English. It turns ON hell tons of girls around you. You never know, you will have a great story to tell you kids about ‘how you met their mother’. Smile often will you please? It won’t cost you a dime. Very now then, SUIT UP!

And there are a lot more, you just have to figure it out by yourself. Good luck.



How to look Good.

3 thoughts on “How to look Good.

  1. Zaara says:

    Urm.. your article is good and i guess i agree with most of it.
    But there are parts which i don`t too. Seriously what is wrong with wearing Bata or DSI? I mean which kind of mental girl do guys want to please by wearing expensive slippers. If you are comfortable with a pair bata and you are just heading to the beach , why not?
    And about girls dying for abs and biceps? You are kidding me right? Are you talking about real girls or the ones you see in movies?

    1. Appreciate your reply. But still as I’ve stated, only my view. On the slippers, I’ve no problem with the peeps who wear Bata or DSI. It’s just that it’s outdated fashion. And I’ve seen Bata in worst scenes. Torn and sown. Glued. 😛 And the working out part, aren’t those people much more attractive than the normal skinny dudes? Appealing too? Simple as that. 🙂

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