My Top 15 Android Apps.

Over the past few months, I’ve been called the “Social Media Whore”. Which actually, I like. Well, there’s a reason behind it. I take these Social Media stuff very seriously. And as a geek, I keep up with SM and some Apps on my Android device.

At the moment, I’ve Samsung Galaxy S2 with a Custom ROM. (CM10.2 – Nightly) So, below is the App list and why I like them.

1. Facebook for Android.
Some might say it sucks and lags and all. But I still prefer it over any other Facebook client on Android. It’s sleek and very Facebook-ish for me, where I don’t get that feeling in other clients. With the correct Data carrier and with the suitable phone, It works like a charm.

2. Twitter for Android.
It might not be the best client out there, but it’s still the official App. Well personally, I like the UI. A lot. Even though It lacks some features, like ‘muting’, It works. But at times it gets delayed to receive notifications.

3. Foursquare.
If you travel a lot, you may find this App useful. To find new venues, to check-in and to know who is near by. Giving it a try won’t hurt, right? As you earn points for using it, you’ll be able to edit, create and approve venues.

4. GetGlue.
To be in touch with your favorite TV shows, Movies and other kind of entertainment stuff, this is the App to look into. Know who’s watching what. Keep updated. And shout to the world about what you’re watching.

5. Gmail.
After the very recent update, this App became one of my favorite Apps. Clean Interface and easy to handle. Not to mention the ‘New Priority Inbox’ feature, which some might find very useful.


6. WhatsApp.
Duh! Who doesn’t love WhatsApp? Of course you’ve to pay a fee of 0.99$ per year after the expiration, to continue the service. But let me make it clear to you that It really is worth it. It was missing the ‘touch to talk’ feature and the latest update fixed it. Nothing much to say about it, It’s a simply amazing App.

7. Instagram.
Who knows me, they’ll tell you. I’m an avid Instagrammer. I love to take pictures/selfies of me and upload them to IG. 2 years back this App was introduced to Android, and It’s used by Millions of Android users, worldwide.

8. MX Player Premium.
MX Player is considered as the one of the most used and Top Video players available on Google Play Store for Android. It auto decodes and Plays videos for which the Default Video player doesn’t provide codecs. Almost every kind of Video types are recognized by this Player.

9. N7 Player Premium.
While we’re on the talks of Players, N7 is the Audio Player I use. It’s reliable and the UI is quite different from other available Music Players.


10. SwiftKey Premium.

This App is the BOMB. I shall be forever in debt to the Developer who made this App. The best Keyboard App available on the Market. AutoCorrect is pretty much accurate and Swype/Flow is available too. Saved me more than 100,000+ keystrokes. I recommend this App.

11. CyanDelta.
If you’re an AOSP based ROM fan like me (CyanogenMod), this is for you. You don’t have to download the whole updated ROM(about 200 MBs) from the site. It downloads the required updates(mostly 20 MBs) and creates a Flashable .zip ROM file. Easy, right? Made my life easier since I am on a Nightly ROM.


12. ROM Manager.
Provides you some Free and Premium ROMs and makes them Flashing, easier. Only use this App if you’ve rooted your device and are on CWM. Might brick your device if not handled with care.

13. Root Explorer.
Allows you do explore the root files of the Phone. System files will be allowed to access and re-write. I mostly use this to Port local Unicode fonts and extract system files.

14. My Data Manager.
To monitor your Mobile Data and WiFi usage. You can add a Data plan and if you exceed it, the App will notify you. You even can monitor your Data consumption by each App.


15. WordPress.
A WordPress bloggers dream come true App this is. Sleek UI and almost accessible to all the options provided by WordPress Desktop site. Manage your comments and approve them or disapprove them. You can even Post new posts.

My Top 15 Android Apps.

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