Justice League assemble under one roof.

Fan of Superhero comics or any sort of comics? If not, we got it covered. Most of the TV series buffs would know this, San Diego Comic Con is the largest Comic Convention which usually happens in the summer, in California State.

This year, Batman, Flash and Green Arrow (Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen and Oliver Queen in order) will be making appearance in the convention itself as the Premier of CW’s The Flash will take place and a sneak peak of CW’s Arrow will be shown; whereas Fox’s Gotham will be premiered at the DC Entertainment Night later this year. This would be the first time where members of Justice League will come under one roof.

In another note, NBC’s Constantine will be premiering as well at this Comic Con, which is a TV adaptation of the movie ‘Constantine’ featuring Keanu Reeves. But the show is going to be truer to the comic series than the movie.

This 4 day long lasting Comic Con 2014 is supposed to begin on 24th of July. Cast members along with all crew members of the mentioned shows will be in attendance. True fans wouldn’t want to miss a thing.

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Justice League assemble under one roof.

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