7 types of experiences to try in Colombo

Colombo being the current Capitol of Sri Lanka, it is located on the west coast of the Island. While it attracts a huge number of tourists, we thought why not give you a small compilation of places to visit while in Colombo to make it worthwhile.


1. Landscapes

One does not simply talk about Colombo without talking about Galle Face Green, Viharamahadevi Park and the beaches which offer a broad range of goods and services to the community. I can remember going to Galle Face Green since ever. The smell of the beach, Isso Wade, flying a kite, long walks and good times. All irreplaceable. Checking these places out should be I your list if you haven’t done so.


2. The Fun places

Colombo knows how to have fun. (Kind of boring to the average outgoing fun person) You could visit the National Museum of Colombo to have a look at the old artifacts placed in. The Colombo Planetarium which will soon be upgraded with the installation of a Digital full dome projector to project the universe as a 3D space.

Recently built Mahinda Rajapakse Nelum Pokuna, a performance theater which is in a world class state meant for large scale theatrical productions is also included in this list along with Colombo Harbor. The Port of Colombo being the largest and the busiest port in Sri Lanka as well as in South Asia; and you get to check it out. How cool is that?


3. Vesak

Well, vesak isn’t a place actually. It is the Birthday of Gautama Buddha according to the lunisolar calendars. And checking out Colombo in its all glory in this time of the year should be in anyone’s check list. Especially the ‘Vesak Kalapaya’ (Vesak Zone) and the Gangaramaya Lake aka Beira Lake.


4. Public Transportation

Where do you want to go? Places. Which places? All of them. In a bus or a train, of course. 😛 J Well hello, it is Sri Lanka and you ought to try out the public transportation system. Pettah would be the idea place for this since the Fort Train station and Bus station situate there.  It will be busy, it will be messy. And believe me, you will enjoy it and remember it.


5. Worships

Sri Lanka is known for its multicultural society, living in peace and harmony with one another.  These are the some of the many religious institutions in Colombo. These places hold architectural values as well as sacred intentions which no one should intend to break. I’ll just make a list.

  • Gangaramaya Temple
  • Ali Dena Temple in Dematagoda
  • Kelani Rajamaha Viharaya
  • Bellanwila Temple
  • Kotte Rajamaha Viharaya
  • St Anthony’s Church in Jampettah Street
  • St Mary’s Church, Mattakuliya
  • St Paul’s Church, Milagiriya
  • Holy Rosery Church, Slave Island
  • Kadiresan Kovil, Bambalapitiya
  • Sri Kailasanathar Swamy Dewashthanam in Fort
  • Dewatagaha Mosque
  • Red Stripe Mosque in Fort
  • Memon Hanafi Mosque
  • Grand Mosque in Messenger Street


6. R. Premadasa International Cricket Stadium

Also known as the Kettarama Stadium is one of the main venues for Cricket in Sri Lanka and can hold up to 53000 spectators at a time. Watching the Lankan team playing on the field and the crowd go crazy, amazing feeling. Unless like the Western and European countries, we have ardent diehard fans.


7. Night Life

Now now. Don’t be judgmental. We at Sri Lanka especially in Colombo know how to party and spend some quality time at night.  Casa, Kama, Floor by O, Shore by O, Sky Lounge, OZO, W lounge and many more. Want to dance, meet up for a drink, you name it. Colombo has got it.



Do let me know on comments if I’ve missed any spots which you may think we could add to this list and share away.

7 types of experiences to try in Colombo

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