Juan Zuniga who fouled, defended Neymar

Professional footballers feign injury. Reason is yet unknown. But it has reached truly an epidemic proportion. But this Neymar incident is no feign injury.

After being rushed to the hospital in a stretcher for a broken vertebra while in the #BRA vs #COL match, Brazilian player Neymar was called off from the rest of the World Cup matches in 2014 by the Team Doctor Rodrigo. Coach Luiz says that Neymar has been and was being ‘hunted’ for the last 3 matches.

Juan Zuniga who challenged Neymar in the 87th minute, says ‘I was just defending my shirt’ and this contact was not intentional. Defending the shirt is more likely referring to a payback for the Colombian loss; especially for thumping Rodriguez.

Nevertheless, Neymar is seriously injured but won’t be needing a Surgery. He also conveys his regrets for not being able to play in the Semis for Brazil. Brazilian fans were seen outside the Hospital where Neymar is currently admitted. Some were even furious because no Yellow Card was given to Zuniga.

Have a look at the video where Zuniga challenges Neymar.

Juan Zuniga who fouled, defended Neymar